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Welcome to the Cheshire Skin Clinic
Owned by Dr Angie Winnington-Sharp
Finalist for the Forward Ladies North West Business Woman of the Year 2013

micro dermal roller for advanced skin rejuvenation

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qualify for a special online discount when ordering Vibrostation through Cheshire Skin Clinic

The Cheshire Skin Clinic is in its 8th year as an established
business and specialises in clinical treatments for the skin, hair and body.
Cheshire Skin Clinic is run and owned by Dr. Angie Winnington-Sharp, a finalist in North West Business woman of the year 2013.

The Cheshire Skin Clinic specialises in clinical treatments for the skin, hair and body using medical and cosmetic equipment from the largest manufacturer of pulsed light systems in the world.
The principle system in use incorporates Variable Pulsed Light, VPL™. This is a technique at the forefront of the industry, which has evolved from laser technology into a more sophisticated area of expertise in order to deliver a sequence of rapid, controlled pulses of light energy to the skin for rejuvenation and improvement as well as hair removal.
Unlike other pulsed light devices available, the Ultra VPL™ allows the practitioner to select the energy, number, length and frequency of the individual pulses of light within each visible shot to suit the individual client – hence the term Variable Pulsed Light. This inherent flexibility of the system guarantees that all clients will be treated with the optimum individual settings for their skin and hair type.
Cheshire Skin Clinic VPL™ treatments are not invasive, and the unique variable pulses have been clinically proven to achieve fantastic results on a wide variety of skin imperfections and successfully treat unwanted hair. The variable pulses from the clinic’s VPL™ system use this expertly innovated light energy to perform the treatments safely and easily, with none of the discomfort of invasive and/or surgical treatments.

Clinical Support

Cheshire Skin Clinic is run and owned by Dr. Angie Winnington. Angie has specialised in treatments incorporating pulsed light for clinical applications for a number of years and has a vast experience in training and education within this field, including work within private practice and the UK National Health Service. Angie’s personal qualifications stem from a Ph.D. in applied chemistry (specialising in medical and cosmetic formulations that have or are purported to have medicinal properties – cosme(tic) and (pharma)ceutical – cosmeceuticals), followed by a senior research fellowship at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff. Amongst her published work are a number of articles in the field of cosmeceuticals.

Dr. Winnington’s main areas of expertise are:

Specialist – Pulsed Light Clinical Applications
Specialist – Pulsed Light Health & Safety
CSA 2000 Regulatory Requirements
Chemical formulations for dermatological use
Bio-material compatibility
Specialist – Chemistry/Physics (Physical Chemistry)
Pulsed Light related Anatomy & Physiology
International Client Management and Account Management.

Treatments Available

The Cheshire Skin Clinic’s Ultra VPL™ has been proven to effectively treat:

Thread veins, spider naevi and cherry spots – conditions where small veins and blemishes become visible on the skin’s surface.

Fine lines, wrinkles and visible pores – collagen production is the bodies way of keeping our skin looking youthful, smooth and healthy. As we age the amount of collagen in our bodies decreases as does the production of new collagen, resulting in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Unwanted hair – this is clinically proven to be removed from all parts of the face and body.
Sun/liver and age spots, as well as other unwanted areas of pigmentation – normally associated with ageing and sun damage, these area all caused by excess amounts of melanin – the pigment that determines our skin and hair colour.

Acne and acne scarring – a condition caused by excess sebum production. Sebum is an oil, which is naturally produced by the body, but excessive amounts can lead to pores being clogged and further lead to infection. Prolonged or moderate/severe acne can lead to scarring.

Other treatments – there are a variety of other treatments available using a number of different technologies, including body treatments for skin tightening, cellulite reduction and muscle strain management – please use the contact form for further enquiries.