Cheshire Skin Clinic - Chemical Peels & Deep Heat Treatments

Chemical Peels

At Cheshire Skin Clinic we provide the most advanced range of chemical peels available today. The peels are provided from the world leading Ses Laboratory in Valencia, run by Dr. Serrano. Dr. Winnington has worked with Dr. Serrano when visiting the laboratory and offers a number of peels to target some specific dermatological conditions as well as offering general skin improvement. The range of peels offers some 'serious solutions' for acne, scarring, stretch marks, dermatitis, pigmentation, dry skin, anti-aging, psoriasis, eye bags, cellulite and a host of other common, and more unusual, problems.

The peels and cosmeceuticals ( a product that combines features of both a cosmetic and a pharmaceutical) used at the clinic include some of what is probably the largest range of AHA-based products available, and ranges in Vitamin C, Vitamin A, muscle relaxant products, face lifting products and the first and only 'truly' topical filler worldwide: FillDerma. SesDerma offers this range through a distribution chain of prestigious skin clinics, plastic surgeons, dermatologists and Spas throughout Europe and the USA.

There are a number of different types of peels available at Cheshire Skin Clinic - an initial consultation will ensure that the ideal treatment is carried out for your skin type and problem. As with all of the peels that are available at the clinic, it is important to discuss pre- and post-care, and use any home-use products in conjunction with the peel for maximum benefit.