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Hair Removal

The Cheshire Skin Clinic ULTRA VPL™ provides the most advanced professional hair reduction available today. The device delivers a changeable sequence of very rapid short pulses of light energy. Unlike other pulsed light systems, VPL™ can change the energy, the number of pulses, their length or duration, and most importantly the space of delay between pulses. VPL™ takes regular pulsed light to new levels of effectiveness and safety.

• Proven - The ULTRA VPL™ is used in over 1,500 clinics around the world, in over 50 countries.
• Safe & Effective - VPL™ - was developed to provide more effective treatments than traditional (fixed pulse) IPL's™ and lasers. In addition to this, it greatly minimizes the potential side effects usually associated with treating darker skin types.
• Fast - 2 ergonomically designed treatment applicators are used with the ULTRA VPL™. The 10 mm X 50 mm extra large spot size is one of the largest in the aesthetics industry, and that greatly minimizes treatment times - up to 4 times faster than most Lasers!

How does it Work?

Ultra VPL™ emits light across a range of wavelengths, allowing a greater range of more gentle treatments to be performed on virtually all hair and skin types.

Hair removal with Ultra VPL™ is safe, easy and effective. The light energy from Ultra VPL™ is absorbed by the melanin in the hair, which heats up to a temperature that inhibits hair regeneration.

Ultra VPL™ leaves skin looking and feeling smooth, silky and radiant.

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But how Effective is the Treatment?

Ultra VPL™ treatments are very effective, achieving outstanding results time after time.
Clinical trials have proved that the Ultra VPL™ produces consistent results on virtually all skin types, for a wide variety of skin imperfections and hair removal treatments.
VPL™ is a safe, effective and virtually painless treatment, leaving customers thrilled with the results seen – this is what they say:

“VPL™ gives me the freedom to not have to consider having my underarms or bikini area waxed. I can just pack a bag and go on holiday. It’s one less thing I have to think about.”
Christine, 30

“After just one treatment my shaving rash has gone!”
Mike, 42
*Names have been changed to protect the identity of Ultra VPL™ clients.

Before and After Pictures

Axilla and Chin - Before and then after 3 treatments

Hair Removal - Chin

Hair & Acne Removal

Hari removal - Blonde Moustache