Micro Dermal Roller
for advanced skin rejuvenation

You may not yet have heard about a new form of non-surgical treatment that is becoming increasingly popular in America and Europe – ‘Micro-Needle’ or ‘Micro-Roller’ Facials.

Essentially the two terms refer to the same treatment. It uses a small roller-ball that has many tiny needles attached, don’t worry, it’s not as uncomfortable as it sounds! It is currently being dubbed as the ‘affordable alternative to fractional laser treatments’ and in conjunction with light or laser based therapy the results are astounding.

The tiny needles stimulate the production of elastin and collagen whilst simultaneously enhancing the penetration of carefully selected products into the skin via the creation of ‘micro-channels’.

These channels completely close within 1-2 hours meaning that there is minimal downtime and the client can resume normal activities immediately. More recently there have been a number of medical studies that concluded that the use of the Micro-Needle roller pre-treatment (for both medical and cosmetic procedures) allows for increased penetration of active ingredients into the skin, heightened tolerance to their absorption and deeper overall penetration i.e. creating more significant and longer lasting results, especially when the treatment is followed by the use of red and/or broadband pulsed light, which overall gives a marked clinical improvement in photo-ageing.

So, ‘in English’ – this means that the combination of Micro-Rollers and Pulsed Light can give a medical result when treating ageing and sun damaged skin, without an anaesthetic and at a fraction of the price, so what are we waiting for, sign me up!