Ultra VPL™Do you want to look “10 years younger”?

Anyone looking to provide a non-surgical solution to treat the effects of ageing & sun damage should consider Energist VPL™ treatment. Energist has taken Intense Pulsed Light treatments to another level by using variable pulsed light (VPL™) - short, controlled pulses of filtered light - to safely improve skin imperfections.

Many skin conditions caused by ageing and sun damage can be treated using VPL™. Clinically proven to effectively treat a wide variety of conditions, VPL™ helps boost collagen production; improving the skin texture and tone whilst reducing fine lines and wrinkles. VPL™ also helps to minimise age spots, sun spots and pigmentation as well as treat thread veins and manage rosacea and acne.

Skin Treatments

The Cheshire Skin Clinic ULTRA VPL™ provides the most advanced range of skin treatments available today. The device delivers a changeable sequence of very rapid short pulses of light energy. Unlike other pulsed light systems, VPL™ can change the energy, the number of pulses, their length or duration, and most importantly the space of delay between pulses. VPL™ takes regular pulsed light to new levels of effectiveness and safety.

• Proven - The ULTRA VPL™ is used in over 1,500 clinics around the world, in over 50 countries.
• Safe & Effective - VPL™ - was developed to provide more effective treatments than traditional (fixed pulse) IPL's™ and lasers. In addition to this, it greatly minimizes the potential side effects usually associated with treating darker skin types.
• Fast - 2 ergonomically designed treatment applicators are used with the ULTRA VPL™. The 10 mm X 50 mm extra large spot size is one of the largest in the aesthetics industry, and that greatly minimizes treatment times - up to 4 times faster than most Lasers!

“The Ultra VPL™ is the most advanced hair removal & skin rejuvenation system available today. Using state-of-the-art variable pulsed light (VPL™) technology, the Ultra VPL™ provides the power and flexibility you need to treat virtually all hair and skin types, while its simple touch screen display has been ergonomically designed for practitioners.”

With energy levels up to 51J/cm2 and with 840 different pulse settings, the Ultra VPL™ gives you more ways to tailor make each treatment for individual clients than any other system of its kind.
Cheshire Skin Clinic’s VPL™ is clinically proven to effectively treat:
• Skin rejuvenation – improving wrinkles, furrows and fine lines.
• Thread veins, pigmented lesions, spider naevi and rosacea.
• Active acne and acne scarring.

But how does it work?

Different structures within the skin react with specific wavelengths of light, this enables us to treat a variety of skin conditions, including the damage caused by ageing and the sun. The system is also able to target and treat age spots, freckles and pigmented lesions effectively. Due to the precision of the wavelengths used in the system it also has the inherent ability to target vascular lesions, acne, acne scarring and other dermatological conditions.
Following treatments with the Cheshire Skin Clinic’s VPL™ the skin will be left looking and feeling smooth, silky and radiant.

But how Effective is the Treatment?

Ultra VPL™ treatments are very effective, achieving outstanding results time after time.
Clinical trials have proved that the Ultra VPL™ produces consistent results on virtually all skin types, for a wide variety of skin imperfections and hair removal treatments.
VPL™ is a safe, effective and virtually painless treatment, leaving customers thrilled with the results seen – this is what they say:

"I have noticed redness and sunspots on my décolleté. After my initial consultation with my practitioner I can see a significant improvement, even after just one treatment." Elizabeth, 45

“Skin rejuvenation has made me much more confident, I don’t feel my age and I feel much more confident about my skin. The adverts you see have all got people with the most wonderful skin, and now I feel mine is as good as any model’s” Lynn, 64

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of Ultra VPL™ clients.